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A Lesson We Need to be Teaching

From the very first time I saw the lines of a pregnancy test flash positive, and I heard the first sounds of life, beating fast and fierce from the depths of my womb,… Continue reading

God’s Gift

I once thought my life danced on the toes of perfection. It skimmed the surface of pure splendor. It traced the lines of divine bliss. Until my eyes saw the glory of God’s… Continue reading


Today I’m going to celebrate the red marks, permentaly tattooed on my thighs. Today, I’m going to celebrate a tummy no longer flat, and a face aged from long, hard nights, and accentuated… Continue reading

The Mommy I’d hope to be

Four years of college, 6 months of work with no pay, and one horrendous test later, I became an Occupational Therapist with little to no experience. My first job and only full-time job… Continue reading