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A Decade

Before baby number three made his grand entrance, I decided, like school, this blog would be out for the summer! I would resist the glare of the screen, and I would spend my… Continue reading

Stuck in a Day…

Today marks an entire month since The Polar Express barreled toward the North Pole and The Grinch returned Christmas. Holiday decorations have long since been stuffed in Rubbermaid bins and shoved in closets.… Continue reading

A Lesson Every Child Should Learn!

Brush your teeth. Wash behind your ears. Leave the toilet seat the way you found it, DOWN! Eat your vegetables, and no, French fries does not count. No punching, hitting, or biting. Share!… Continue reading

Trying to make sense out of the senselessness

Like most of you, I am struggling. I am trying to find a way to cope. I have busied myself. I have wrapped Christmas presents, addressed Christmas cards, and tried to desperately lose… Continue reading

Blessed x 3

Sometimes, there are not words big enough to hold all you feel. You can wrap them in parenthesis, question marks, and exclamation points but it’s still not enough. You can alter the tone… Continue reading

A letter to Santa from a delusional middle-aged mother!

Dear Santa, I am writing to you to clear a few things up between us. This may sound crude but here goes. I do not believe in you, not an ounce, not a… Continue reading

The Perfect Date

Way back when I used to “Date”, I considered the night out, simply perfect, if it began with a decent dinner, then a good movie, where I would hold hands and lay my… Continue reading

I am going to miss this

Some days are a lot like today. They are chalked full of crayon graffiti on the walls, head spinning and feet stomping toddler tantrums, never ending messes that need cleaned, faces that need… Continue reading

Do you really want to have a baby????

I’ll never forget the day my sister called and told me she was pregnant. I was standing in the kitchen, going from the refrigerator to the island, when the phone rang.  I answered… Continue reading

I might be a Bad Mother!

At work, all day long my thoughts are with my children. At 8:00 a.m. I wonder if Lauryn has quit crying after I dropped her off at school? Is she okay now? Did… Continue reading