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Making Moments into Memories

Time does not stop. It does not slow down. It marches forward, minute by minute, hour by hour. Each day brings a new gift, a second chance, a promise of hope. And, each… Continue reading

God’s Gift

I once thought my life danced on the toes of perfection. It skimmed the surface of pure splendor. It traced the lines of divine bliss. Until my eyes saw the glory of God’s… Continue reading


I have some decisions that need to be made, and I’m not sure which way to turn. How do you deal with change? I’m referring to the type of change that can turn… Continue reading

Understated Truths

I love Commercials! They say so much in a matter of seconds! They make you want things you didn’t know you wanted. They make you need things that you didn’t know you needed.… Continue reading